moment.mal is an association that organises yoga courses for socially disadvantaged children. We work together with social institutions to make yoga accessible to all children and teenagers.

In yoga, children experience inner peace and find themselves for a few moments. This is especially important for children who grow up in difficult circumstances and are exposed to a lot of stress and pressure. Yoga strengthens children physically and mentally - they learn to deal with difficult situations and stress, are more compassionate with themselves and others and can face new challenges with more self-confidence.

We are currently in the process of founding our association and starting new yoga courses and are looking forward to any support! Would you like to give children's yoga courses yourself? If you have been practicing yoga for a few years (or maybe even teaching?) and have experience in working with children, then you are the perfect candidate.

If you are interested in working behind the scenes and helping to build up the organisation, we are looking forward to having dedicated people to support us in marketing, fundraising or accounting.

About moment.mal

Target group(s)

On the one hand, our work is aimed at children and young people who grow up in difficult circumstances and are often exposed to stress and pressure. Yoga and mindfulness can help to better deal with difficult situations, reduce stress and accept yourself as you are. We would like to give children & teenagers access to this offer who otherwise would not come into contact with it.

On the other hand we also address parents and educators. We are planning workshops and parent-child yoga courses to teach the principles of a mindful education.


Founding year





We are financed by donations and membership fees.

Your support helps

Your cooperation helps children to be mentally strengthened, to cope better with difficult situations and stress and to develop their potential.